Business scoring & Evaluation programme

J-Biotech in collaboration with SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp) and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) will hold a Program Rating and Valuation System Program or Score Rating System to Bio-SMEs in Johor via the e-biosmes system.

The program aims to assess and enhance Bio-SMES competitiveness based on their performance and capabilities in business score rating system is also used as a tool to assess the level of development of a company business based on the elements that are being studied and evaluated.

Star rating will be given to Bio-SMEs will be measured based on the seven (7) enablers that have been set, namely financial strength, business performance, business management, human resources, technology acquisition, certification and market presence

Objective of the programme:

  • Evaluate and analyze the capabilities and performance of Bio-SMEs companies.
  • Providing systematic scoring processes through the e-biosmes platform in the periodic monitoring process and business direction to penetrate local and global markets.
  • Provide a strategic planning in strengthening the infrastructure of the bioeconomic industry.

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